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Hajera Cosmetics and Care Production are private label cosmetics manufacturer, offering color cosmetics services for beauty brand. Our specialists and engineers, working together to offer bespoke solutions, consider the raw materials of the color cosmetics and product filling and also for the packaging and container selections. We can create any design you imagine using hot pour or pressing technology…more >>

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Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Quality Assured Outsourcing Factories.
Flexible Production Capacity.
Quick presentation of prototypes and implementation to satisfy clients.
Quality and accomplishments of orders with priority within the lead time.

One-Shop Service Provider

Meet each one of your cosmetic and personal care needs.
Assist with your production as a whole or in part.
Crush the competition with our knowledge, experience and work ethic.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Professionals

Fifteen years of experience.
Closely follow cosmetic and fashion trends.
Partner with many reputable cosmetic brands.
Produce for mass-market or luxury brands.

We look to our differences to bring a richness of perspective.

This drives innovative solutions for our clients and improves our understanding of the world in which we work.